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Modules that keep you perfectly organised.

One of the features existing owners of Modulos Desk point out is the fact that the desk made them more organised and their desk clutter was reduced. Why? The square modules grid that forms the surface of the desk intuitivelly leads the user to organise and dedicate positions on the surface for different items. Alongside this interesting psychological effect, there are also modules with features that push this concept even further!

Do you want to learn how Modulos would fit YOUR exact needs? Let us tell you all about it! What are YOUR needs?
Modulos keeps you organised!

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Twist Power Outlets module allows you to plug your devices directly into your desk surface Dock your phone into your desk surface using our Tablet Dock module

Have (only) the features you want in your desk.

Unlike the standard work desk that has a static surface, the Modulos Desk allows you to make your own decision about the features of your work surface and their layout. We have designed a range of modules with different features, so your Modulos Desk surface can have embedded wireless device charging, power plugs, device docks and more. You choose what you need and what you want your surface to feature.

  • Future proof with upgrades
  • Environmentally aware
  • Arrives in small boxes
  • Holds up to 60kg
  • Easy assembly
  • Ships to your doorstep

Yours to design, incredibly easy to assemble

After designing and ordering your desk, you'll need to assemble it once it arrives. Unlike many other products, Modulos is just super easy to assemble, with all the tools and elements required to assemble your desk included. And you'll get a nice flashback to your Lego glory days :)

  • All tools included in the package All tools included in the package
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes Assembles in less than 10 minutes

Amazing material options in different price ranges

As with everything else, our approach to materials and product finish is simply uncompromising. We use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for our modules, and then apply high quality laminates or natural veneer (depending of the chosen material line).

  • Top grade Okoume plywood core Top grade Okoume plywood core
  • Precise CNC machining Precise CNC machining

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Why throw away?
Let's have furniture be adaptable.

We are aware that, in todays culture of buying cheap furniture and quickly replacing it, a lot of beautiful wood material is not being fully utilised and forests are being cut down without need. So from our very beginnings we wanted to create a product that is meant to serve you for a long, long time. If you damage it, replace just a part of the surface. If you need it to be larger or smaller, simply upgrade or reconfigure. By owning a Modulos Desk, you're taking that extra step towards sustainability.