Aesthetic, comfort, hygiene – Aeon desk surface has got it all

The desk feels just extraordinary under your skin. The material is soft and pleasing, the surface non-distracting.
Are you looking for a desk surface that’s non-distracting and appealing to touch and see? Modulos Aeon surface gives you all of this, and much more!

Our mission with Modulos is to continuously work on product improvement, so that at the end of the day we can be truly happy with what we are providing to our customers. Our design thinking and product development philosophy is based upon innovating with the end goal to create products that are up to date with what modern consumers really need. We want to create products that serve you perfectly and go hand-in-hand with all the other gadgets and products you own.

What type of thinking is what led us to incorporate Fenix NTM, a new extraordinary material. It was developed by Arpa Industriale, an Italian company that approaches material development in the same way we approach product development. This material that represents the next generation of super-advanced materials developed specially for high-end interior applications, gave name to our entire product line: Aeon represents the longevity that this material gives to modules built with it.

So what are the features that made us incorporate this material into our product line? What makes us think it is worthwhile to have a desk surface lined with this amazing material?

The dark Aeon surface is just - astounding.
The Aeon surface has a very distinct look and feel – almost otherworldly.

An antibacterial surface

The surface itself is antibacterial, easy to maintain and easy to clean. We had an interesting comment by one of our customers who, as many of us today, has his work lunches by his desk. He reflected on the fact that even though he doesn’t share his desk with anybody else, it would often gross him out to think about the stains. Or even worse – bacteria that would end up living on his desk (and therefore his arms and clothes later). But with Aeon, his desk is always clean. A simple wipe and he knows there’s truly nothing of that kind on his desk surface.

Now consider how many companies there are today where people share desks, not to mention all the co-working spaces that are opening up and being used by digital nomads. The features that the material brings to the Modulos Desk surface truly begin to shine and bring out this amazing advantage over all the other desks on the market.

This material is engineered to be the ultimate high-end solution for interiors

The surface is also resistant to stains (they just wipe off easily). It doesn’t support development of fungus, and is resistant to spills. And the surface is just super pleasing and smooth to touch. All of this makes it super pleasant to work on during hot and sweaty summer days.

Another huge benefit of this type of a surface is its resistance to scratching. Despite being soft to touch, it is hard as stone. And even if you create micro abrasions, those can be either wiped off, or in cases of somewhat deeper abrasions: healed. Yes – healed. Simply put a wet cloth over the surface. Then gently apply a hot iron over the rag in 3-5 second intervals. After a couple of intervals the material will magically heal!

Note that this applies to micro scratches! We don’t encourage you to take your knives and start scratching and stabbing on your beautiful Modulos surfaces 🙂

Non-reflective surface

Light reflection of an Aeon modules’ surface is absolutely minimal. The surface is diffuse and ultra-matte, thus creating a very comfortable work atmosphere. And if you like to take photos of stuff on your desk – you’ve found your ideal desk surface! (we’re looking at you, bloggers 🙂)

All in all, when it comes to comfort, a Modulos Desk in Aeon finish has the ultimate surface in terms of eye and tactile comfort.


Besides all the numerous interesting features of this amazing ultra modern material, it was very important to us that the product we create has an aesthetic edge that makes it fit all sorts of spaces in a beautiful manner, but still remaining as sort of a centerpiece. And once we created the first prototypes of modules with this amazing material – we knew we nailed it. It just looked and felt – special.

And once we tried to create combinations of surfaces. We combined dark Aeon modules with beautiful and warm Heritage oak modules, and it just felt perfect. The warmth and tradition of wood combined with the edge of ultra-modern material just felt right. Of course, this was in the end confirmed by our customers.

Prototypes of our new 2019 product lineup
Our new product lineup – a photo we took during the prototyping session in our production facility.

For this year, we have decided to expand the product line with new Aeon decors. Last year we only offered it in Soft Dark. Now we’re adding two new lovely decors: Silver Surfer and Ripe Red. There were a lot of decors to choose from, but in the end we went with these two: the silver one to bring a more traditional colour option to our desks (while still keeping that edgy feeling of a modern surface) and the red one as a super-trendy option that can be used to create beautiful desks that will elevate your interiors to entirely new levels!

We will continue to expand our product line. We will also work on continuous improvements of our products and creation of amazing new additions to our line! By then, we are confident you will truly fall in love into these amazing decors and features of our Aeon line. We know we have.

Surprise! We have a special offer for you – just hurry up, the number of available desks is limited!

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