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Modulos Desk

In order for you to learn how the Modulos Desk gives you the absolute freedom in organising, upgrading and changing your workspace, let us tell you a bit more about our concept of a fully modular desk.

The Modulos work surface is made out of square modules that can connect to each other on all four sides, and by doing so form your unique optimal workspace. It is because of this modular work surface design that Modulos can fully adjust to your space and needs. For example, if you are left handed and use a corded mouse, you’ll most likely prefer to have a cabling hole on the left side of your work surface. Modulos allows you to make that choice. Also, all of the modules with different functionalities that we offer, such as modules with embedded power outlets or wireless charger, can be arranged on the workspace in any way that you desire.

Assembly in 3 steps – quick, easy and fun

Assembling the Modulos desk can be compared to an activity that many of us fondly remember since we were kids – playing with Legos! The entire process is super simple, and you don’t need to worry about whether you have the tools necessary – all you need are Allen wrenches, and you get them packaged with the desk. And don’t worry about the time needed – assembling your entire desk shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Step 1:

Think about the exact surface combination you want to assemble and where do you want to put each of the special feature modules you may have ordered. After that, unpack all the modules and set them upside-down on a flat surface (for example on the floor). Just don’t forget that you’ll need to flip that upside-down surface once you assemble it, so mirror the module positions. Our advice is to put the modules on a soft surface (a blanket) so the surface of your awesome new desk doesn’t get damaged.

Step 2:

Connect all the modules using the included wooden pins. Our advice is to first connect vertical slices of the surface, then connect those assemblies to each other. After you place all the pins, align all of your modules perfectly. All of the pin holes are a bit wider to allow you to fine-tune the alignment of modules. After you do this, you can put in the connection screws and tighten them.

Step 3:

Place the legs onto their positions – our advice is to always put them on the outer edges of your surface. Tighten them to the modules using included screws and Allen wrench. After this you can flip your desk right way up – your awesome desk is ready!

If you are a freelancer and currently reside in a small apartment, your Modulos desk will follow you as you move to a larger space. How? If you will need a larger desk, you’ll just order additional modules and there you go – once again you have a desk that fits your space perfectly!

Besides that, each module has leg mounting positions in each of its bottom corners, meaning you have lots of options for creating your combinations. For example, using short legs that we offer Modulos can become a coffee table in your living room, in contrast to a normal work desk that you create by combining modules with our standard legs. Modulos can be whatever you want, limited only by your imagination and needs! A work desk, kitchen desk, standing desk, coffee table – all of these are possible using the same modules.

A customer has actually given us one of the best descriptions for Modulos we have heard: “Modulos is like a chameleon – a piece of furniture that can have many faces and can wonderfully fit any space.”

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Why throw away?
Let's have furniture be adaptable.

We are aware that, in todays culture of buying cheap furniture and quickly replacing it, a lot of beautiful wood material is not being fully utilised and forests are being cut down without need. So from our very beginnings we wanted to create a product that is meant to serve you for a long, long time. If you damage it, replace just a part of the surface. If you need it to be larger or smaller, simply upgrade or reconfigure. By owning a Modulos Desk, you're taking that extra step towards sustainability.