We pride ourselves in the quality and craftsmanship that we have embedded deep into the heart and soul of what Modulos represents. However, all of that would be futile if the materials aren’t right – so we put a lot of effort into making sure we use only the best for all our product lines.

Prototypes of our new 2019 product lineup

Modulos Basic

Modulos Basic material option gives you all the amazing features that a fully modular desk can offer, at an affordable price! We use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and then apply a top quality white standard furniture laminate to make the surface smooth and resistant.

The base of all our modules, regardless of material line: top grade 40mm Okoume plywood with increased water-resistance and stability

Precision engineered, CNC machined

Modulos Aeon

Our Aeon material line is something that we like to describe as otherworldly! The material we use is sometimes hard to describe – it’s soft to the touch, very pleasant, but also very strong and resistant. It’s antibacterial (doesn’t support bacterial growth), heat-resistantstain resistant. Simply – amazing! We use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and then apply high quality Fenix laminate that utilises innovative and beautiful high-tech features. Whichever color you choose: Soft Dark, Silver Surfer or Ripe Red; the diffuse, beautiful soft looking surface will bring joy to the time you spend working by your desk.

Anti-bacterial surface – doesn’t support bacteria growth

Increased scratch resistancy

Soft and tender to touch, fingerprint stains easily wiped

Increased heat resistance

Modulos Heritage

Wood. There’s no material like it. The contrast of its warmth and strength had people mesmerised since forever. This is our original material, although it has evolved over time. While we were using full wood (even in the core of the module), we now use top quality Okoume plywood as the strong and stable core for the module, and we surround it with top-class natural Oak wood veneer, including special-order side veneer that imitates the vertical wood-lines that you would expect from a slab of wood. We finish the module with a high-quality polyurethane coat finish. This allows us to offer you the resistance and stability of plywood, with the beauty of natural wood. The result? Beautiful and stable.

Top grade pure natural oak veneer used on all sides, finished with premium polyurethane matte lacquer coating

Only the best when it comes to production

We use top notch equipment to precision produce your modules, but it’s our connection to tradition that pushes us to the top. With 4 generations of carpentry running in our founders veins, we combine the best of new technologies in production and materials, but also apply the quality control and touch that can be found only in traditional carpentry.

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Why throw away?
Let's have furniture be adaptable.

We are aware that, in todays culture of buying cheap furniture and quickly replacing it, a lot of beautiful wood material is not being fully utilised and forests are being cut down without need. So from our very beginnings we wanted to create a product that is meant to serve you for a long, long time. If you damage it, replace just a part of the surface. If you need it to be larger or smaller, simply upgrade or reconfigure. By owning a Modulos Desk, you're taking that extra step towards sustainability.