Our Story

A short story that describes how tradition in carpentry, modern design, desire to create problem-solving products and pure enthusiasm melded to create an unique product.

Story of Modulos started in a small carpenters workshop where three generations of carpenters built custom furniture. Seeing how a master carpenter with over 30 years of experience transformed wood into stunning, beautiful furniture, we got inspired to create a completely new concept for a desk that will be in line with needs of a person living in modern times.

We are a small team of enthusiasts that brought together all the best of traditional skills of carpentry with modern technologies and concepts to create the first fully modular desk surface that gives its owner a completely different and unique experience of a work surface. A person spends over 1500 hours per year sitting by their desk. With that in mind, we created a concept that allows the user to create their very own and unique desk that will perfectly fit their work environment and needs. We envisioned a desk that has a mission to improve work environments, and make its users more productive and organised. And we succeeded.

Modulos was created in response to modern times that are shaped by rapid technological advancements, with work spaces and living spaces changing constantly. Because of that, our vision was to create a sustainable, upgradeable desk that will implement modern, technological concepts and features into its very core concept. And it will always fit its owners needs.

Seeking for a solution on how to bring an uncompromising product, both in terms of quality and utility, we have combined traditional carpentry with the latest technologies that we use in manufacturing our product. The production facility that we use is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, both for production and for testing. To test the quality and precision of our product, we use an industrial 3D scanner – a random module produced by a top-notch CNC machine is taken into the 3D scanner, where it is measured up to 1/100 of a milimeter. We compare the scan results to the original blueprint to make sure the precision is spot on. Even after that, a master craftsman inspects each piece by hand, marking them with his own signature to guarantee the production quality.

A worldwide recognised concept

We are immensely proud that our vision has been turned into a product that awes customers worldwide, and that our innovation was recognised and awarded worldwide, including the latest award – the Best of the Best Award on the word renowned innovation fair in Koala Lumpur, Malasya. The very start of production was bootstrapped by a Kickstarter campaign, where our product was recognised by supporters and buyers all around the world – and we’ll forever be grateful to them for believing in us!

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Why throw away?
Let's have furniture be adaptable.

We are aware that, in todays culture of buying cheap furniture and quickly replacing it, a lot of beautiful wood material is not being fully utilised and forests are being cut down without need. So from our very beginnings we wanted to create a product that is meant to serve you for a long, long time. If you damage it, replace just a part of the surface. If you need it to be larger or smaller, simply upgrade or reconfigure. By owning a Modulos Desk, you're taking that extra step towards sustainability.