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Start from scratch or from some of our collection setups

Whichever choice you choose, you’ll be able to change the material or type of module for each module in the grid.

Basic starter setups

These setups serve as a starting position for you to design your own perfect desk yourself! Just choose a size that fits you best, then configure the desk however you like it best!

Electric sit-stand desk

Would you like to stand while you work? But only sometimes (let's be real - nobody tends to be THAT healthy)? Then an electric sit-stand desk is perfect for you!

Our favorites

Over last years, these configurations are the ones that have grown close to our hearts and that we really enjoyed building and using.

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Why throw away?
Let's have furniture be adaptable.

We are aware that, in todays culture of buying cheap furniture and quickly replacing it, a lot of beautiful wood material is not being fully utilised and forests are being cut down without need. So from our very beginnings we wanted to create a product that is meant to serve you for a long, long time. If you damage it, replace just a part of the surface. If you need it to be larger or smaller, simply upgrade or reconfigure. By owning a Modulos Desk, you're taking that extra step towards sustainability.